Research Areas and Research Collaboration

Internationally recognized research groups of the Charité (experimental, pediatric, internal medicine and obstetric endocrinology), Humboldt-Universität (molecular genetics), Freie Universität (internal medicine and nutrition), and the Deutsches Institut fur Ernährungsforschung (DIfE, pharmacology and nutrition) are cooperatively providing the network, and contribute to the experimental training and endocrine-metabolic curriculum.

Scientific areas range from molecular, cellular, and clinical endocrinology to aspects of genetics, reproduction, metabolism, and nutrition research. Neuroendocrinology and endocrine epidemiology are topics as well as endocrine pharmacology.

Main concepts and goals of this graduate program network are:

  • to link hormonally regulated processes and adaptive metabolic responses to changing requirements (genetics, nutrition, environment, endogenous and exogenous factors)
  • to understand mutual interactions between finetuned, differentiation-dependent and ageadapted hormonal networks on a genetic and molecular background
  • to provide for graduate students scientific training, education in molecular endocrinology and access to future-oriented organization of translational research.

The program is organized in mutually linked three areas: hormonal regulation of body weight and energy homeostasis, comprising with it's 8 research groups the Berlin essential research in this field: 6 groups at CharitéUniversitätsmedizin Berlin,  CVK (Biebermann TP1, Köhrle TP3, Schomburg TP 6, Krude TP9,  ),  CCM (TP 4 Spranger & Spuler) and at the CBF (TP 8 Strasburger & Arafat) , further on one group at the Life Sciences Faculty of the Humboldt-Universitat (Brockmann TP2), finally, the group around Annette Schürmann (TP 7) is situated at DIfE, Potsdam.


Research Training Group GRK 1208

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Research Training Group GRK 1208

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